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Know The Real Advantages Of Die Casting

Many products and components are producing by the die casting process by pouring liquid metal into the mold in different shapes and sizes to create a variety of parts under high pressure. Using a custom die casting process it is possible to produce a large number of products at a very low price. It is one of the important benefits of custom die casting.

Here are some of the advantages of die casting.

Can use wide variety of metals and alloys

You can use various types of metals and alloys in die casting. Among all metals, zinc is the popular one for its strength and ductility. Other metals and alloys that are using in die casting are aluminium, lead, tin, copper, and magnesium.

Higher accuracy and finishing

Using the die casting process you can produce high dimensional accuracy and a smooth surface. The use of high pressurized molten metal gives the smooth surfaces and finishing. It also reduces the machining cost.

Can produce complex thin-walled parts

With die casting, it is possible to produce highly complex parts with thin walls. It is not possible with metal mold castings and sand castings.

Ability to embed other materials

You can add complex fasteners or inserts to your final component. It reduces the cost of materials and processes.

Mass production of parts and components

With less machining or even without machining can create die-casted parts with specific shapes. It means, in other types of casting processes the machine is required to do all finishing processes.

Diverse surface textures

In die casting, using different types of finishing techniques and surfaces you can obtain desired textures or smooth surfaces.

High mechanical properties

The properties of hardness and strength of die-cast made it possible to withstand instant cooling of molten metal and crystallize under high pressure.