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Know something about caster wheels

If you are in need of moving any heavy industrial equipment or some kinds of machineries, it will be very difficult and exhausting without any wheels in it. Caster wheels are the best solution for this problem. With the help of this wheel you can move the item wherever you want to move without any difficulties.

Generally these caters are wheels which are attached inside a housing with a special bearing race added. This will ensure 360 degree range of motions and rotation. This makes you to push the item easily.

What are the benefits of caster wheels?

  • Once you have attached the caster wheel in the machinery, it could be very easy to move. Casters are the best wheels which give you free range of motions and easy turning when you are trying to move the heavy equipments or machineries.
  • The caster wheels are designed to produce the maximum support with less resistance.
  • You can see these caster wheels in action on grocery stores and supermarkets. The wheel will usually turns with the cart. The wheel produces the least resistance in the super market floors. This is the same working principle for industrial caster wheels which helps you to move the industrial equipments in an easy manner.
  • You can find these wheels in many different size, shapes and materials. Select the one which is suitable for your purpose.
  • You can make use of a large caster wheel which is better for reducing the effort of moving the heavy objects. These wheels are very durable and have a capacity to carry the heavy materials.

How to select a perfect wheel for your use?

The wheels which you are going to select will be depending on the type of floor and hazards you expect to face. The most common type of wheel which is used in the industries is Blickle Casters wheel. These types of wheels can support the significant amount of weight and resist most hazards. If your hazard is electrical it is recommended to buy rubber wheels. It is always recommended to have at least 2 spare wheels on hand that matches the trolley type which you have on the floor.

Once you have found the perfect type of caster wheel for your use, buy it from a reputed seller. There are many online providers from where you can get these types of products at affordable price.

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Know about BlickleCasters

Casters  play a smajor role in maneuvering the heavy industrial equipment and machinery. Casters  act like boons in the exhausting job of moving heavy weighing things across the floors. When considering about wheels, casters  are entirely different. Casters  are indeed a wheel – but works on rotating mount.

Casters  come in two different styles – kinds that come with a flat surface so that another flat surface can easily lay flush up against while on move. The other style comes without flat surface so that it can lock itself into the object providing another secured way for mobility. Moreover, there are many different categories in the market.

Branded Casters

Blickle Casters is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers that supply good quality and highly durable casters . Blickle as one of the specialists for wheels and casters  matching to any application that the client segment requires, provide arrange of Swivel casters , fixedcasters , Heavy-dutycasters , Light-duty and much more depending upon customer’s customized requirements.

Types of Caster

Castor types that Blickle delivers are:

  • Swivel Casters without Brake
  • Swivel Caster with Brake
  • Fixed Castor
  • Sprung Castor
  • Twin Castor

Product Range

Blickle provides online catalog wherein it displays the complete range of Casters  along with the series. The range of castor ranges that Blickle supplies are:

  • Light duty Casters & Designer Casters
  • Synthetic Casters
  • Casters with standard solid rubber tyres and rubber tread
  • Casters with soft rubber tyres and two-component solid rubber tyres
  • Heavy duty Casters with elastic solid rubber tyres
  • Casters with pneumatic tyres
  • Heavy duty Casters with super-elastic solid rubber tyres
  • Casters with injection-molded polyurethane tread
  • Heavy duty Casters with cast polyurethane tread Blickle Softhane
  • Heavy duty Casters with cast polyurethane tread Blickle Extrathane
  • Heavy duty Casters with cast polyurethane tread Blickle Besthane Soft
  • Heavy duty Casters with cast polyurethane tread Blickle Besthane
  • Nylon & polypropylene Casters
  • Heavy duty nylon & polypropylene Casters
  • Cast iron Casters
  • Extra heavy duty solid steel Casters
  • Flanged Casters
  • Stainless Steel Casters
  • Heat-resistant Casters
  • Spring-loaded heavy-duty Casters
  • Compact and leveling Casters

Bottom line

Blickle follows in-house production and follows a state-of-the-art technology in terms of production, testing, and delivery with its highly qualified professional team. By meeting the high ends of the customers’ requirements, Blickle stands as one of the market leaders in dealing with Casters .