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10 Awesome Tips for Instagram Beginners

Instagram is one of the trending social networks because it’s quick, user-friendly, visually appealing, and pretty great way to share your photos and videos. If you don’t have an Instagram account, its time you set up an account now. Here are a few tips that could help you boost your Instagram experience:

  1. Post engaging, exciting videos and pictures.

Provide some value to your visitors; don’t just post some random pictures because Instagram has a lot of trivial posts that goes unnoticed. Take up a niche, like happiness, nostalgia, love, humor, and more to post photos with some meaning to it.

  1. Use filter effects, but try not to overdo it.

Instagram filters are an amazing way to enhance the style and look of your photos. But the trend is so popular that every Instagram post that comes out nowadays has some filtering done on it. If you want relatively natural looking or unique pictures use only limited filtering and avoid overdoing it.

10 Awesome Tips for Instagram Beginners

  1. Look out for new contents through the Explore tab.

There’s an Explore tab on Instagram where you can find some trending and most popular videos and pictures. You can get ideas and inspiration from these popular posts; you can also find what people are looking for on Instagram. This could help you come up with some amazing posts of your own.

  1. Start using hashtags for your posts.

One great way to reach out to more users is through hashtags. Hashtags reach out to a selective mass of people who would be interested in your post and it helps attract new followers. But don’t go about using trending hashtags for irrelevant posts.

  1. Keep entertaining your followers through regular posts.

When you have gained a group of followers, they might look forward to your posts. Post new and interesting contents on a regular basis to keep them all engaged.

  1. Stay connected to selected contacts through Instagram Direct.

You don’t always have to publicly post media contents on your page. Try posting to a group of selected followers through the Instagram Direct feature. It’s a great way to connect to definite groups without needing to show your posts to everyone.

  1. Don’t go about buying inorganic traffic.

Purchasing followers and trying to build the inorganic traffic will not help you in the long run. Eventually the inorganic traffic will reach saturation and you wouldn’t be able to reach out to the right kind or audience.

  1. Interact with people and keep them engaged.

Reply to the comments and other related posts by your followers. This is a great way to connect with your followers and keep them engaged.

  1. Always reach out to gain new visitors and followers.

Connect with people who have similar interests and fan base. It’s a great way to share contents and followers; you get to double your followers because new visitors will look into your posts more often.

  • Stay on top of the latest trends in Instagram.

Get to know about the varying Instagram trends and make use of them. Don’t go out of date by posting irrelevant contents. Keep your audience engaged with new and trendy posts.

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The Ultimate Guide to Choose a RO Water Purification System

Most people have trouble with their health because of water contaminates present in them; it’s time that you choose a water purifier to protect your family’s health. Reverse osmosis is the best purifying system you can have considering its benefits and effectiveness in providing the best water for your loved ones.

Reverse osmosis was started off for industrial purpose which was a great hit; it was later adopted for home use considering its ample benefits. The process of reverse osmosis is pretty simple, it has a membrane to allow the water molecules to pass through and filter out contaminants out of water. You might find it hard to choose the right kind of reverse osmosis system with the ocean of RO systems in the market.

Here’s a list of things you must consider before purchasing your RO system:

  1. How much space do you have for your RO system

You’re left with two options when it comes to choosing a reverse osmosis system for your home – one to install under the sink or on the counter RO system. It’s suggested that you check the size available at to accommodate the RO system in your kitchen. You can choose a simple one that fits your kitchen just right rather than the oversized ones which are ideal for bigger space.

The Ultimate Guide to Choose a RO Water Purification System

  1. How much are you willing to spend to purify the water

RO water purifies range in price from almost $200 to more than $1000, just like any other product the expensive ones come with extra features. The top-end RO systems filters greater amount of water at a time with additional features. You might be surprised to find the top-end systems to put valuable nutrients into the water once the harmful ones are removed.

If you wish to go for the low-end products you might find cheap materials that doesn’t last long or might not fulfill its purpose. It’s recommended that you go for the mid-range ones that can get the job done for you at an affordable price with better durability than the low-end RO systems.

  1. Amount of water and effectiveness

Depending on the number of people in your house and daily usage of water you can choose RO systems that can suit your household just right. You must determine how much of gallons a system can handle per day to suit your house, you might require a lot of water when you have a large household.It would be a smart bet to go for the larger RO systems for large household.

The number of stages a RO system has, the better it would be to improve the purity of the water. Furthermore, the number of stages signifies more filters to remove the unwanted particles from the water. It’s preferable to go for the ones which have more stages of cleaning to remove most of the impurities.

The aforementioned criteria might help you choose the best RO system to provide your family with pure drinking water. There’s no one-size-fits-all RO systems, you must choose the ones which suits your needs and budget.

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What is 0x000000EF Windows Error?

The computer users encounter many kinds of common system-related errors and issues on a regular basis. Some of them are easy to repair while others might be critical and demand expert intervention. Windows users often face a typical error at times. A blue screen error comes up with a bug code 0x000000EF that makes Windows crash and doesn’t load any programs further. The error occurs mainly when you want to upgrade your system or install new Windows operating files. The reason of occurrence of this critical error is that the operating system abruptly ends a running program or a process that needed to boot. However, this error can be avoided depending upon your software versions.

Microsoft Corporation launches new versions and upgrades of Windows software and operating systems from time to time. Windows, being the most popular Operating System worldwide, has got millions of subscribers and they also want to incorporate the upgrades in their system as and when available to remain updated technologically. The error occurs when during the up gradation, there are some problems that prevent loading the default boot files and the process is incomplete.

There might be a number of reasons of getting this error. Some of them are listed below,

  • Compatibility issues: While upgrading the system, some of your hardware devices might not be compatible that leads to the error 0x000000EF.
  • RAM issues: If your Random Access Memory (RAM) is not functioning properly, that might result in the 0x000000EF error.
  • Corrupted System Files: Your system might need to get restarted several times when your default system files are corrupt or modified. You need to identify and repair or remove the corrupted files first in order to fix the error 0x000000EF.
  • Virus issues: If your Operating System has been attacked with a virus the error might occur. In such case, you need to do a virus scan first and then perform the up gradation process.

There might be several other reasons too and needs to be identified properly to fix the error.

However, this is certainly a recoverable situation and you need not panic if you face error 0x000000EF and stuck up with some important work in the middle. Below are few Do It Yourself processes to fix the error without the help of a technical guy:

  • Restart the computer in Safe Mode
  • Restore your PC and uninstall unused or unimportant apps/software
  • Upgrade the Drivers and Hardware
  • Go to System Configuration, choose the Selective startup option and then select the Load system services. This will run only the selective boot files and you can secrete all other Microsoft services.

These simple fixes might be useful to get rid of the 0x000000EF error in your system. If the problem persists you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the Operating System files. Stop panicking of losing your important task and try these simple processes by yourself to fix those errors.


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3 Simple Tips to Boost YouTube Views

Are you aspiring to be a digital marketing giant or looking to increase your YouTube views? Search engine optimization is a popular word you’ll come across often. Make sure you optimize your content to match the expectations of the search engines. If you’re trying to wrap your head around what content is – blog posts, articles, infographics, videos, images – these are the various kinds of content you’ll bump into. You need to work up the ladder trying to improve your content market strategy.

If you choose videos as your content marketing strategy, YouTube is the ideal social media platform to post your videos. It’s not easy to rank higher and attract more traffic in the second largest search engine, YouTube, but it’s possible with the best keyword YouTube tool.

Here’s a checklist you must look into before starting your video marketing strategy:

  1. Get suggestions from YouTube

Google and YouTube are similar in a lot of ways – both are owned by the same company. It’s evident that both provide you a great deal of of auto-suggestions before you finish typing the keyword in the search box.

When you learn more about what YouTube suggests once you type the keyword in the search box, you’ll get more views to your videos. If you do in-depth research, you’ll come across a lot of tools that will provide the list of keyword suggestions.

  1. Catchy and trending titles

Regardless of how informative and creative your videos are, it’s crucial to create catchy titles to attract diverse users to watch your content. Your video’s title is the first thing users look for; make sure you make the best use of it to keep traffic coming. You can also make use of the most trending titles from other videos and create better videos to rank your videos higher and better than your competitors.

3 Simple Tips to Boost YouTube Views

It’s suggested that you look at the meta keywords of other videos that top the charts and analyze what makes it them top the list. Meta keywords might not be helpful at all times, but they sure do surprise you at most times by giving you vital information about a video.

  1. In-depth keyword research

It’s recommended that you spend quality time to find the best keywords to boost your video’s views and ranking in YouTube. The Keyword YouTube tool never ceases to amaze. It provides a treasure of crucial information to rank your videos better on the YouTube search engine.

You can compare your video content strategy with your competitors and come up with mind-boggling strategies. Choose the keyword research tools that can give you a set of long keyword and short keyword suggestions to enhance your video marketing strategy.

More than just creating awe-inspiring videos

You might consider text content marketing and video marketing are separate entities; though they are different, the content marketing strategy is similar. Keyword research and other basic strategies used for blog posts, images, infographics, and others are similar to video content marketing strategy.  You might want to improvise and build a fool-safe strategy to work high on rankings, and well, generating user traffic.

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The Divine Valley- Valley of Flowers

Valley of Flowers is the most sought after destination among nature lovers. The valley is situated at an altitude of 3,858m under the shadows of the towering Himalayan peaks of Western Himalayas in Uttarakhand. The valley is home to millions of species of wild flowers such as lilies, poppy, daisies, geranium, calendula, saxifrages and petunia. The valley also includes numerous streams, meadows, bogs, stone desert and caves. Many species of butterflies and insects are also found in the Valley of Flower. The area is also home to many endangered species of animals such as snow leopard, Asiatic black bear, musk deer, red fox, brown bear and blue sheep.

The Divine Valley- Valley of Flower


In the year 1931, the Valley of Flowers was accidently discovered when a group of mountaineers from England lost their way while returning from an expedition to Mt. Kamet and chanced upon a valley which was full of flowers. They were enamoured by the beauty of the place and called it “Valley of flower”. In the year 1939, a botanist by the name of Joan Margaret Legge trekked to the valley in order to study the flowers growing there. Unfortunately, she slipped while traversing some rocky slopes and lost her life. Later, Prof. Chandra Prakash Kala of the Wildlife Institute of India carried out an extensive research in the valley for 10 years starting from 1993. He identified 520 alpine plants endemic to the area and also authored two groundbreaking books about Valley of Flowers.

How to reach there?

There is no motorable road to Valley of Flowers. Therefore, tourists have to undertake a 17 km trek to reach the valley. The trek starts from Govindghat which is near the major town of Joshimath in Garhwal. Joshimath is about 270 km from Dehradun and Haridwar and is well connected by roads. Both Haridwar and Dehradun are connected by rail and air network to all the major cities of the country. Tourists from Delhi can also drive down straight to Joshimath in cars or buses. The distance between Delhi and Joshimath is 500 km.

The tourists visiting Valley of Flowers need to get a permit from the Forest Department at Ghangaria, a small settlement just 3 km from the Valley of Flowers. The permit is valid for 3 days. Visiting and trekking in the Valley of Flowers is allowed only during the daytime and nobody is permitted to stay inside the valley. Accommodations are available in Ghangaria for the tourists. The ideal time to visit is between late July and early September.

Valley of Flowers is mostly visited by nature enthusiasts, adventure tourists and researchers.

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Various types of Personal Loans

Loans are for paying holidays, wedding, home renovation, furniture, appliances, new car and medical aid. Since these are for personal requirements, the Loan is known as Personal Loan. There are several types available. List includes:

Secured Loan: You have to deposit security asset to borrow money from the lender. This asset may be your car, house or jewellery as a guarantee.  You would receive your money from the lender. If you fail to repay the lender he would take possession of your asset. Usually, banks have lower interest rates on personal loans.

Unsecured Loan:  Since you have no car or house, you cannot deposit for security. You have to convince the lender using your pay slips. Prove that you earn enough to repay the loan. If this is your first time, then find a guarantor. The lenders charge higher fees and interest rates compared to secured loans. Penalties for late payments are high. Lenders take legal action if you fail to repay.

Various types of Personal Loans

Student loan: Many lending institutions provide student loan for various educational expenses. On the day, the student takes out the loan the interest accumulates so repayment is high.

Overdraft/Line of Credit: This personal loan is for an unexpected emergency when you overdraw your bank account. Your bank pays the agreement amount. You have to pay interest on the amount you use. This interest rate is higher than other types of personal loans.

Debt Consolidation: This helps you to repay your debts quickly. All your debts are combined into one personal loan and interest repayments are saved. You can pay all the debts in one regular payment. You do not have to make several payments throughout the month. You might slip back into spending too much and accumulate more debt.

Interest Rates of Personal Loans: You have two major choices to pay your interests – fixed and variable interest rate. Fixed interest rate is locked in for the life of Personal Loan.  Fixed interests are higher rates and fees than variable rate personal loans. Interest rate does not change and provides a better budget.  Variable rate loan fluctuates at any time during the term so interest goes up or down. Variable Interest rates and fees are lower than fixed interest personal loan.

Personal Loans are available mostly in banks at a lower interest rate. There are other organisations like LIC, PPF that provide loans too. Always shop around to find the best lender.