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4 Ideal Supplements for Fighting Flu and Cold

Common flue and cold is something that might affect you once in a while. It’s absolutely unavoidable even if you’re very careful about your health. Have you ever been ready for a great event and at the last minute got down with flu? Yes, that’s very depressing and at times such situations are unavoidable. Although, there’s no one single solution for common cold and flu, you can still keep it away from you by improving your immune system.

You can take some health supplements that help improve your immune system, thereby keeping the common cold and flu viruses at bay.  Here’s a list of some supplements that will help you fight against common infections and diseases:

  1. Vitamin C supplements

Although, most nutritionists argue that vitamin C has nothing to do with preventing cold and flu, there’s much evidence to state that supplementing on Vitamin C could help you get better faster when you’re down with illness. Vitamin C has anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties that help in improving the immune functions. The usual pills and syrups that your physician suggests for common cold, always contains some dose of vitamin C to help you get well soon.

When you are down with cold, you can start by taking 1000 to 2000 milligrams of Vitamin C supplements, every 5 – 8 hours and then as you get better you can cut down to twice a day. However, avoid taking high doses because it might cause bowel troubles, like gas or diarrhea. Once you get better reduce your Vitamin C supplement rather than stopping it altogether.

  1. Get enough zinc

Zinc is one of the critical minerals that are essential for maintaining good overall functioning of immune system. It’s one of the most popular cold fighting supplements that rise against the mucous membrane and helps cut down the excess mucous secretion and running nose.

However, zinc doesn’t have any cold preventing properties and it can only come in handy when you catch a cold. Studies have proven that intake of zinc acetate or zinc gluconate greatly helps in fighting common cold and cures it very soon. You can take zinc supplements along with your cold and flu medication and the dosage might range between 9 – 24 milligrams.

  1. Garlic improves your immunity

Are you the new age vampire, allergic to garlics? Don’t worry; garlic supplements are there for your rescue. Garlic has been in use for treating cold for over a long time and modern medications has also started using garlic supplements in their medicines. You can take upto 300 milligrams of garlic supplement everyday while you’re struck by cold.

  1. Vitamin E supplements

Vitamin E is highly regarded as an antioxidant vitamin because it’s a great immunity booster. This health supplements not just help fight against cold, but also helps boost your immunity and keep you away from getting one. You can take upto 200 IU of this supplement a day for better results.

Make sure to consult with your physician before actually taking up any supplements because if you’re under different medications it might affect its proceedings. Stay strong by building your immune system and keep common diseases at bay.