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What are the three important types of car covers that can be used?

Buying just a car is not enough to maintain it for years. There are certain important things that a person needs to buy in order to properly maintain his or her desired car.  Maintenance is one such thing which people sometimes neglect but it is the most important factor after you buy a car.  Don’t just simply buy a car and park it alongside the road of your house but always cover it with good quality car covers.

Cars are often parked outside on the road and mostly it is open. People hardly use a car cover but it is very important to use one.   It may often happen that if the car is left outside without any protection then it can lead to exterior damage.

There are different varieties of car covers available.  People should opt for that one which will give the best protection to the car. Let’s highlight the different kind of car covers that are available.

Waterproof car covers – Water proof covers have the highest demand in the market.  People mostly use this kind of covers for a complete protection of their car.  Waterproof covers are mainly plastic film or plastic coated fiber which will help to keep the rain off and also help in trapping the condensation between the car and the cover. These covers are usually helpful in the rainy season and also during winter protecting the car from the moisture. While buying a cover it is essential to buy a water proof one so that the exterior of your car cannot be damaged due to the tormenting weather condition.

Breathable type covers- This is another category of car covers that are available.  These are specially made with good quality fabrics is quite good in protecting from any damage. These covers will repel most of the water and still allow air to circulate within.  It also protects the car from ultraviolet rays. Breathable covers are usually light in weight and the cost is even economical.  For the new cars, people prefer this particular cover.

Cotton covers- This is the most common type of cover. It is made of 100% cotton or with the polymer.  These covers are not water resistant and should not be used outside to protect the cars. These covers are mainly used to cover the car in a closed garage to protect from dirt.

Maintaining your car is the biggest challenge that a person face after buying one.  But still, as you have bought a car take every bit of care as it will serve your every need.