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What is 0x000000EF Windows Error?

The computer users encounter many kinds of common system-related errors and issues on a regular basis. Some of them are easy to repair while others might be critical and demand expert intervention. Windows users often face a typical error at times. A blue screen error comes up with a bug code 0x000000EF that makes Windows crash and doesn’t load any programs further. The error occurs mainly when you want to upgrade your system or install new Windows operating files. The reason of occurrence of this critical error is that the operating system abruptly ends a running program or a process that needed to boot. However, this error can be avoided depending upon your software versions.

Microsoft Corporation launches new versions and upgrades of Windows software and operating systems from time to time. Windows, being the most popular Operating System worldwide, has got millions of subscribers and they also want to incorporate the upgrades in their system as and when available to remain updated technologically. The error occurs when during the up gradation, there are some problems that prevent loading the default boot files and the process is incomplete.

There might be a number of reasons of getting this error. Some of them are listed below,

  • Compatibility issues: While upgrading the system, some of your hardware devices might not be compatible that leads to the error 0x000000EF.
  • RAM issues: If your Random Access Memory (RAM) is not functioning properly, that might result in the 0x000000EF error.
  • Corrupted System Files: Your system might need to get restarted several times when your default system files are corrupt or modified. You need to identify and repair or remove the corrupted files first in order to fix the error 0x000000EF.
  • Virus issues: If your Operating System has been attacked with a virus the error might occur. In such case, you need to do a virus scan first and then perform the up gradation process.

There might be several other reasons too and needs to be identified properly to fix the error.

However, this is certainly a recoverable situation and you need not panic if you face error 0x000000EF and stuck up with some important work in the middle. Below are few Do It Yourself processes to fix the error without the help of a technical guy:

  • Restart the computer in Safe Mode
  • Restore your PC and uninstall unused or unimportant apps/software
  • Upgrade the Drivers and Hardware
  • Go to System Configuration, choose the Selective startup option and then select the Load system services. This will run only the selective boot files and you can secrete all other Microsoft services.

These simple fixes might be useful to get rid of the 0x000000EF error in your system. If the problem persists you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the Operating System files. Stop panicking of losing your important task and try these simple processes by yourself to fix those errors.