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A period of child hood is like a stage of drunken mode. Every one remember what you did,except you. The child hood is so precious and moist easiest way of living. The child hood is so precious child counselling singapore because we don’t even know the reason behind doing things except making pleasure and thrill from the work. The work which we do is done with great ease and effort,to make happiness. The child hood is nothing but making happiness. There are many reasons for making it happy. The child psychologists have decided to make things better. The Piaget of the child hood is initial acquisition of the language. There are various egocentric and also self centered things that are best for for one own self. There are many new problem solving things that are focused on and they are best for tangible object.the children has few less skills compared to normal skills. There are no much skills for the adult like limitation in the talking. How to handle emotions. These  two things are most difficult things but they cant handle it so they easily express the emotions. There are various emotions that are best for the children to learn and manage the emotions. The things that the child need is to be

  1. Safe always
  2. Get rid from the fear of danger
  3. Always winning and achieving feel
  4. To be active along with the parents
  5. They should be respected
  6. They should be given the priority of responsibility
  7. They should be included in all activities

There are few child related psychological issues like

  • having a single parent
  • Death of the loved ones
  • Parent behaviour problems
  • Their own behaviour issues
  • The literacy issues
  • Numeracy problems
  • How to deal with new emotions
  • How to deal with anxiety issues
  • No children to play near by
  • Lonely feeling