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Handling common cat behavior issues can ensure a happy pet

Cats are definitely one of the best pets to have around. They usually display best behaviour but there are times, when they may not be at their best behavior. At such times, when the Cats are on Top of their uncool behavior, it means there are some issues. That is when, you need to address the issue in the right manner and take necessary steps to stop it.

Ways to handle common behavior problems in your cat

Scratching the doors: One thing you need to understand is that for cats, scratching is important. In fact, you should get them their own scratching posts, which you can now buy as well. Cats have claws and they need to scratch and it is only natural that they scratch your doors and furniture. It is also observed that cats also scratch at doors if they want to say they are hungry or if they need some attention. If it is the latter, then you should ignore it at first. Slowly they will give up but if they continue to do so, then you need to give them some places where they can scratch. The posts are good solutions to ensure that the Cats are on Top of it for scratching. Another solution is to spray the door with some spray that will deter the cats from scratching it or you can even cover the door with some tapes or so.

Going out of the litter box: You may have the litter box ready but if the cat is peeing outside it, then it is a problem for both you and your pet. Usually, cats use the litter box but if they are not, then, there can be some reasons. Health issues can be the reason why they are not using or being able to use the box and it could be anything from urinary infections to even arthritis. Bad bladder can be another reason which may result from unhealthy diet. Look at the litter box and if it is dirty, then, that is the reason your cat does not want to pee in it. First, find out the reason and then address them as soon as you can. If the cat has peed outside, then first thing you should do is clean up as fast as you can because cats tend to go back to the same space again to pee. Second, clean the litter box and keep it in a place where accessing it is easy and convenient. Also, look into their idet and see what is causing urinary problems, if any.

Aggressive behaviour: Aggression towards fellow pets or humans is not a good behavior for your cats. In such a case, train them in social skills. There are also workshops and training available for cats in the area which can help your cats to be kind and mannered.

A cat’s normal behavior is what makes it a great pet to have around your house. But if it showing signs of behavioral problems, it means the reasons are deep. All you have to do is find the reasons and get solutions for it, most of the time, these solutions will be simple and easy. So, go for it and ensure your cats put up their best behavior at all times.